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Date: 2010-09-02 09:47
Subject: To: Ali, Love of My Life
Security: Public
This is dusty place of memories and thoughts. It's a place I had chosen to back away from despite the poor choice it would become. Failure to understand how to deal with change is no excuse for pretending a past does not exist.

I have all but lost the love of my life, the woman of my dreams, the keeper of my heart. She wanted me to shout to the world of my love, to scream from the mountain tops of the fact she was my one and only. And I failed pathetically because I cared more about keeping the peace and not hurting others and from my own fears of the unknown. What seem like miserably dim mistakes from the start are so blindingly clear near the end. Screaming out that love internally just does not measure up. As it should not when there is no reason to contain it.

She wants to remain friends. It is so fitting that the words I had said to someone else once and hurt have come back to inflict an appropriate pain in like-kind. It is well deserved and I can only give my best smile and nod 'yes' for my love has not diminished nor stumbled. With all my heart I love her still and any connection I suppose must be better than none at all, but at what cost? To learn of future milestones surpassed with someone else will not be easy to receive. Milestones I had hoped to achieve with her one day are now removed from my realm of control due to my mistakes. I'm quite sure each will come at the cost of many tears. And so they should.

One should never take for granted true love when it's standing before you begging for the proper attention. Never. The consequences are quite dire to the heart and soul. Just as my failures and painful actions have been quite dire to her own.

I LOVE YOU, Ali, Love of My Life, Woman of My Dreams. While I know my "sorries" fall hollow now, I am truly sorry for my failures, my lies, my lack of trust, my taking you for granted and most of all my inability to wrangle in my anger. You deserved better and I wish I had figured it out sooner.

-Your Scunci
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Date: 2007-10-02 01:04
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
Music:Twilight Zone Episode "Two"
Huh, the rumors were right.


Goodrich Announces Agreement to Divest Airframe Heavy Maintenance Business

- Everett, Wash.-based Aviation Technical Services to be sold to Macquarie
Bank Limited

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Oct. 1 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Goodrich Corporation (NYSE: GR) announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to sell its airframe heavy maintenance business, Goodrich Aviation Technical Services, Inc. (ATS), to Macquarie Bank Limited. The transaction has been approved by the Board of Directors of Goodrich. Subject to customary regulatory approvals, the sale is expected to close in the fourth quarter this year. Financial terms were not disclosed. ATS will be reported as a discontinued operation starting with the reporting of third quarter 2007 results.

ATS has over 1,200 employees at its 950,000-square-foot-facility in Everett, Wash. Serving a broad base of North American and global customers, ATS provides maintenance, repair and overhaul services to airlines, cargo fleet operators and aircraft owners. ATS services include: airframe heavy maintenance; aircraft modifications and painting; passenger-to-freighter conversions; engineering and certification; and component repair and overhaul.

Macquarie Bank Limited is a diversified global financial services institution headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Macquarie has a broad range of experience in managing and/or owning investments in the aviation industry including airports, aircraft leasing, jet engine leasing and Fixed-Base Operations.
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Date: 2007-06-20 01:22
Subject: Of steaks and screwing
Security: Public
Location:Silverdale, Alshain [Rasalhague Dominion]
Music:Devildriver — Grinfucked
I have acquired some brown sugar and sesame seeds to go with the soy sauce and cup of hot water.  Oh Mr. New York steak, you are so screwed.
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Date: 2007-06-07 16:03
Subject: Lacuna Coil Show
Security: Public
Location:Last Planet On The Right
Music:Static-X – Cannibal
Lacuna Coil, Within TemptationThe Gathering  and Stolen Babies were at El Corazón Tuesday(5/29) night.  Again, I got there late, but not because I couldn't find the place.  El Corazón is silly easy to find, I was just lazy leaving on time.  So, I missed Stolen Babies which is probably the most interesting, musically speaking, of the opening acts(accordion in a metal band anyone?).  They were also the only US based band in the bunch.

Within Temptation was up when I arrived.  While a decent enough band, they don't really stand out enough to find much time on the player.

The Gathering was a little disappointing because their sound setup seemed fucked up to where it was hard to hear the vocalist over the rest of the band.  At least Anneke van Giersbergen was plenty cute to make up for it.  The Gathering started out as a death metal band, but when Anneke was brought onboard as the new vocalist, they became more melodic. To be honest, after hearing their earlier work compared to recent stuff, I like the older stuff better. The changes did make them more accessible to mainstream which I guess is good for them.

Lacuna Coil was every bit as awesome as I was expecting.  Their dual vocalist attack rips your head off and you thank them for it.  Definitely glad I got to go see them since I don't think there's another significant gothic/symphonic metal show until October with Nightwish and Paradise Lost.  Too bad they're not touring with Opeth.  That would be badass.

Crowd-wise, it was pretty passive compared to Dimmu Borgir.  In fact, I only saw one crowd surfer.

Overall worth the ticket price.
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Date: 2007-06-03 02:16
Subject: LJ fix yer crap!
Security: Public
Music:Burn the Priest — Duane
LJ is getting stupid, I can't post anything larger than a couple sentences.
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