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26 October 1973
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Good God, there's enough questions here to kill a whole herd of nerfs. And the herders.

What's to know, really. I turn wrenches on airplanes and generally have a positive outlook on life. As in I like it. A lot.

The purpose of this journal doohicky-thingy-whatchamacallit is to pattern some thoughts about ongoing stories(mostly Star Wars related, but I make no promises) and other random crap that claws its way out of my head. God forbid.

And a warning to the sensitive—I swear a lot here. Much more than in real life. I suspect it's some sort of release. If that bothers you, too fucking bad. :)
.50 bmg, 3 doors down, 42, 4x4, 767, academics, air force, airbus, aleema, ali, alicia, aliens, ar-15, arc, arca, army, assassin, atlantis, audioslave, aviation, babilicious, babylon 5, bastila, battlestar galactica, battletech, better than ezra, blink 182, boba fett, boeing, bounty hunter, brianna, ccr, clones, coast guard, coldplay, computers, coors light, credits, crossfade, ctrl+alt+del, dreadnought, echo leader, everett, exar kun, exile, f/a-22 raptor, firearms, firefly, flaming lips, following the light, foo fighters, freedon nadd, fuel, general grievous, glenn miller, glock, gnr, gorgemous, green day, grrr, guns, here we go again, home sweet home, hoopla, i need to stop, indiana, intergalactic banking clan, iron maiden, jango fett, jeep, jingo, jit, junkyard wars, kate, kisses, kotor, lcd, let's go, lightsaber, linux, locked and loaded, lospher words, manga, marine corps, mechwarrior, metallica, military, movies, mudvayne, music, navy, nin, nomi sunrider, non-routine card, offspring, oldsmobile, on a roll baby, oss willum, papa roach, peanut butter, pie, politics, ps2, qel-droma, questionable content, rain, rainbow six, ramen, reading, republic, republic commando, revan, rogue squadron, rollins band, sas, seether, separatists, sexilicious, sith magic, soap, soundgarden, space: above and beyond, sphere 'o fear, staind, star wars, stargate sg-1, static-x, system of a down, techno union, the black eyed peas, the elements of style, the white stripes, totinos pizza, tott doneeta, tragically l337, tsk tsk, ups, uss independence, velvet revolver, video games, vincennes, warships, washington, water, weezer, what's in a name, wireless, writing, xbox, xbox 360